The Restaurant

The gastronomic restaurant “Louis XIII” is in keeping with the hotel.  In the same spirit with the same superb decor in the original Chateau kitchens dating back to the 17th century (1640), with their impressive fireplace and the ceiling with its ribbed vaults.
The gastronomic restaurant is opened for lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and every evening for dinner.
From May 17 to Sept 15, it is opened for lunch everyday.


Franco Bowanee

An alliance of regional products of Bourgogne and the flavours of Mauritius

Franco Bowanee worked with the Chef G. Besson & with Paul.Bocuse restaurant in Collonges. Enjoy the creations of this talented  chef & his interpretation of products & way to sublime their preparation.

Franco Bowanee’s cuisine is a poem, a surprise for the eyes as well as healthy and delicious.  It has a harmonious mix of regional Bourgogne products – some directly from the Château’s vegetable garden with its 140 varieties of fruit, vegetables and spices from Mauritius, the birthplace of this creative chef.

Member of the Collège Culinaire de France since 2013.

Franco was a finalist in the MOF contest in 2014 and will participate again in 2018. He was inaugurated as a disciple of Auguste Escoffier in February 2017.
Franco received his first Michelin star in 2019 reconfirmed in 2020 and 2021.
Franco was laureate at the world championship “Oeuf en meurette” for his creativity.

Karina Laval

The talented Pastry Chef

Talented and an artist at heart, Karina Laval offers moments of unforgettable pleasure with her technical and artistic creations joining flavour with elegance.  Karina Laval participated in the MOF, Meilleur Ouvrier de France contest in 2017.

Discovery as time goes by

Every month, Franco Bowanee and his team propose:
  • At lunch only, a “ Menu des Saveurs ” at 69 € on Friday except holidays. Everyday from May 17 to Sept 15 except weekends and holidays.

Gastronomic menu with a seasonal theme in 3 options for lunch and dinner :

  • – Menu Gourmand 5 courses at 109€ from Thursday evening to Monday
  • – Menu du Roy 6 courses at 129 € from Thursday evening to Monday
  • – Le grand Festin 7 courses at 159 € from Thursday evening to Monday

A  100 % vegetarian Menu for amateurs at 119 €

Michel Houellebecq and his pressed lobster

The famous writer, a regular guest of our establishment, suggested a dish in his Prix Goncourt awarded book “The map & the territory”.  Unknown in the most sophisticated cooking books, Franco Bowanee created this exceptional dish “the pressed Lobster”