Sports Activities

Swimming-pool Jacuzzi

In the Château, you will find a magnificent swimming pool, voted the “most beautiful interior swimming pool in France”. The water has a constant temperature of 30° and a Jacuzzi is on hand. A shower, changing rooms and towels are at your disposal.

The swimming pool is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.


The Château, situated just by the Nature Park of Morvan, is a magical site for nature-loving cyclists. No helmet available.

We offer detailed circuits with an itinerary plus a map, according to your wishes. Certain itineraries, due to the topography, require a good physical condition. Others are easier and offer agreeable outings along the canals and rivers of our beautiful Burgundy countryside.
Bike rental:  25   for 2 hours and 39 € for over 2 hours per person including backpack with mineral water & itinerary.

Electric bike rental:  50 €  for 2 hours and 85€ for over 2 hours per person including  backpack with mineral water & itinerary.

If you have your own bike, we have a garage & electric plug. It will be agreat pleasure to inform you about the best itineraries.



We have prepared wonderful hikes across the vineyards and villages starting from the Château, without the need to take your car.

The GR13 starts a 10-minute walk away.

We offer detailed circuits with an itinerary plus a map. You have the choice of a 30-minute, 1-hour walk or even the whole day if you wish.

The length and difficulty of each circuit is indicated on each itinerary free of charge.


On site at the Château, you will discover the medieval moats surrounding the outer wall.

Pike fishing, as well as perch and small fish is most entertaining.
You will also find a top category river “the Cousin” running over 800 meters in the property. You can fish for trout and fly-fish if you wish.

We do not provide the equipment.

The Chef will cook your fish with pleasure as you like it !

Hot-air ballooning (reservation compulsary)

France Montgolfière organises two flights a day departing from Vézelay.

The adventure takes about 3 hours including one and a half hour actual flight.
You can reserve your flight directly on the France Montgolfière website.

You can book online directly : www.france-montgolfiè

We can also organise a privatized flight take off from the Château with Air Escargot.
We take pleasure in organizing this for you.

Quad (reservation compulsary)

Magnificent quad circuits are proposed in the Morvan Nature Park.

We can also organise privatized outings from the Château with a guide.

Horse-riding (reservation compulsary)

The equestrian club “L’Ecurie de la Fontaine” is situated 5 minutes from the Château.

Outings, private or group lessons can be reserved.

Children are most welcome. The club is closed on Sundays.

Tariff for Adults: 18€/hour per person
Lessons and private outings: 25€/hour per person ( in French )

Climbing (reservation compulsary)

The Saussois rock range is a unique site for climbing and is situated 40 minutes from the Château. (minimum 6)


The limestone subsoil bordering the Morvan houses several magnificent grottos.

Equipped with a helmet, a lamp, a wetsuit and security material, you will enjoy the rare experience of a silent universe, stalactites and stalagmites accompanied by our guides.

Accessible to all from 8 years old, 6 pax minimum.

Adventure circuit, treetop climbing (reservation compulsary)

Situated in Avallon, a fortified town at the entrance to the Morvan in the heart of Burgundy, you will enjoy a unique and rare adventure in a forest of centenary oak trees in the Adventure Park “des Châtelaines”.

It is accessible to all with our different circuits of varied difficulty. You will have the opportunity of enjoying a convivial and recreational moment in total security on a continuous, interactive lifeline that avoids accidental disengagement of the two connections at the same time.

Advantages of this adventure circuit:
– Top level security due to the “Clic-it” system
– Insurance covering all the security necessities and permitting school groups
– The size of the crossings (Rope bridges of more than 10m, 15 and 20m cables, 80m, 120m et 180 pulleys)
– The circuit height, up to 12m high
– The complete security equipment complying with current standards
– Continuous surveillance by our team
– Accompaniment possible by a State qualified guide
– A circuit open to children as soon as they can walk

You can book online direclty : AB LOISIRS :

Adventure Circuit - 2h30

15 years old and over 25 €
8 to 14 years old 22 €
3 to 6 years old (1m20 min) 11 €
7 to 8 years old (1m40 min) 16 €
Giant Pulley (1 passage) 5 €
Nocturnal Adventure Park 35 €
« Pitchoun – kids » (2 years old at 1m20 arms up) 3 €

Kayak (reservation compulsary)

It is indispensable to know how to swim to undertake this activity.

The valley of the Cure is a natural and wild marvel in the heart of Burgundy.

You will enjoy a moment of conviviality with the family or friends.

Accessible to all, for kids and adults, you will discover the landscapes of the Morvan and the historical patrimony of Burgundy in a kayak.

We welcome children who can swim at least 25m, accompanied by adults.
All the equipment, lifejackets, paddles and kayaks are supplied.
Don’t miss this pure moment of delight!

• Special lifejackets for children
• Kayaks with seats for children
• 6 departures per day: 9.15 a.m. / 10.30 a.m. / 11.45 a.m. / 1.45 p.m. / 3.00 a.m. / 4.15 p.m.
• Knowing how to swim is indispensable for this activity

You can book online direclty : AB LOISIRS :

Malassis to Saint Père

8 kms – 1.30 to 2 hours
15 years old and over 23 €
8 to 14 years old 19 €
Under 8 years old [special seat] 12 €
Waterproof drum 3 €
Nocturnal descent (from 8 pax) 35 €

Malassis to Sermizelles

18 kms
15 years old and over 38 €
8 to 14 years old 30 €
Under 8 years old [special seat] 15 €
Waterproof drum 3 €

Rafting - Hot dog - Hydrospeed (reservation compulsary)

It is indispensable to know how to swim to undertake this activity.
The Morvan is the paradise of rapid waters.
Braving the rapids and slaloms between the rocks accompanied by vigilant instructors. Total pleasure, sensations and adrenaline guaranteed for those attracted by the magic of the waters. In the heart of Burgundy not far from the Yonne, you can experience Rafting, the Hot-dog and Hydrospeed.

Discover the rivers used by the great French and European champions during the International Kayak Championships.
For the over 14 years old enjoying strong sensations, then the Hot-dog (inflatable canoe for 2) is for you… Accompanied by our instructors, you will be enchanted by the sensations procured by kayaking… The autonomy of this embarkation will allow you to totally enjoy your descent.


A floating foam sledge, a reinforced wetsuit, a helmet and flippers…
and you are well equipped to enjoy the emotions of a Hydro descent of the Morvan torrents, with its 2-meter drops and slaloms amongst the rocks. 100% adrenaline guaranteed.

Attention: this activity necessitates an excellent physical condition.

You can book online direclty : AB LOISIRS :

Rafting Descent

14 years old and over 49 €

Hydrospeed Descent

14 years old and over 50 €